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1 Golden Trick To Achieve Perfectly Boiled Eggs

Find Out How This Sophisticated Kitchen Gadget Can Help You Achieve Perfectly Boiled Eggs


Have you ever made an effort to crush an egg between the index finger and your thumb? If not, you should give it a shot; it is not as straightforward as it sounds. Eggs are astounding and what better way to eat them than simply boiled. Having the perfect eggs can be a tricky task though, and that is where this sophisticated kitchen gadget steps up to do the job and to help determine the state of an egg while it is being boiled.


However, it is not hearsay that this sophisticated kitchen gadget solves many problems and addresses a lot of pain points. It is a genuine and confirmed fact! As an illustration, if you are the type dreaming of soft boiled egg and toast soldiers but always end up with grey-yoked rocks or the white that is a little too runny, this sophisticated kitchen gadget made of food-safe polyresin will undoubtedly help you reach egg nirvana without giving you stress or taking much of your time.


This kitchen gadget is indeed the secret to perfect boiled eggs. It is a useful and must-have gadget in the kitchen. The gadget is much better than just a timer because it responds to the temperature of the water that the egg is cooking in, not the only time. Put this sophisticated gadget in the pan of water at the same time as your eggs, and keep an eye on the color as they boil, it reacts to the heat, changing color to show how deliciously well done they are. This gadget has sensitive indicators that show when eggs are soft, medium and hard boiled. When your egg is just the way you like it, take it out and enjoy, it is all yours!


This gadget works in 5 simple steps:

  1. Fill a pot with water and bring it to the boil.
  2. Place the timer in the water at the same time as your room temperature eggs.
  3. Watch as the color lightens from the outside edge inwards. When the ring reaches the mark you are looking for, remove the pot from the heat and take the eggs out, running them through cold water to stop cooking.
  4. Peel your eggs and enjoy their perfectly cooked deliciousness. The timer will carry on changing color, as it is heated now. When it comes back to room temperature, the color will change to red.
  5. There you have it. It is as convenient as can be.


In a nutshell, we have been able to source the highest quality Color Changing Boiled Egg Timer for you so you don't have to spend countless number of hours for the right product. It is advisable to check out other top quality kitchen gadgets that we thoroughly hand pick from around the world which improves yours and your family's quality of life at CoolStuffSales.com.

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